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Welcome Message from Hey Dude Skin Care

At long last, after 18 months in development in South Beach, we’ve re-launched the Dude series of products with a great selection of high performance grooming tools.  They’re priced right, they’re re-formulated and packaged right, they smell great, and best of all, they really do the job of keeping a Dude looking and feeling like a Dude.  We put these products up against any other men’s products – if you find better products for the prices we charge, buy them.  Quick.

This blog is intended to be an additional voice of our Dude who represents the brand and everything we represent.  He’ll have plenty of things to say about a lot of things, from grooming, to fashion, to girls, to life in general.  In addition, we’ll have guest bloggers like our Dudette, a 24 year old super hottie from the Midwest who doles out dating advice to Dudes so they avoid the common traps of being duds, or even worse, douches.  She’s seen it all and knows what it takes to be a Dude.

It’s all part of the Hey Dude Skin Care lifestyle.  We totally get that skincare and grooming fits into a much bigger picture for Dudes, and that the tools that we sell need to be simple and seamlessly integrated into their world.   Game on…


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